Random Thoughts

Hard to say goodbye

A peek of a cloth diaper while sunning his legsI just dropped off my complete cloth diaper stash to be sold on consignment at the local Just Between Friends sale.

When you participate in these events, you place your items on the shop floor yourself. Last night, I had to tear myself away. My husband called to see if I was alright because I was taking so long.

After I had all my other baby items set up in the appropriate spots, I returned to see my diapers – twice. The second time, I went through them all lovingly and made sure they were displayed in the best way possible. I didn’t want to say goodbye.

I felt a little weepy over it all. And honestly, I was feeling foolish, too. Crying over diapers (almost)? Come on!

But these diapers had been a labor of love, as so much baby stuff is. I spent hours poring over websites, reading reviews, and waiting for sales, until I cultivated the cutest, fluffiest, most comfortable and convenient bunch of baby diapers I could find. All for my tiny little baby.

There was a minky tiger striped pocket diaper. Another that was made of denim with real pockets on the back! And one that was a deep, intense purple. They were so soft. There was bamboo, organic cotton, hemp, some cherished wool pieces, and a few fleece-lined diapers. I probably had more than I needed. (Here’s my diaper stash in the early days.)

I guess cloth diapers were an obsession for me.

But each diaper had a time when it played favorite and earned its price tag. Even prefolds and flats had their utilitarian role, amazing me with their resilience and lack of staining month after month.

As I left the sale setup area, I wished I had taken a photo of all my diapers together. Then I realized I barely had any photos of my son wearing them! Yikes! I had tucked away one newborn diaper from his tiniest days, but that’s it. The rest are likely gone forever now.

I was panicking on my way home. What if people take them out of their packages and the inserts get lost? Should I go check on them during the sale? Could I go back and grab them all up? Right now?

Should I have just kept my favorites as keepsakes? No. I had decided when I invested in cloth diapers that they were to be resold. Besides, then I’d have to keep them all. (I’m not a hoarder, really!)

I also realized this is just part of letting your baby grow up.

He’s mostly out of diapers now. In fact, I keep him in Blueberry Training Pants most of the time. But this event made me – insanely – wish he would still be in diapers. What mother wishes THAT?

Yeah, it was time to let go.

What about you? Doesn’t every mother have something of her baby’s she cherishes and holds dear forever?

P.S. I’ve heard our cute baby hats make great keepsakes, too!

Random Thoughts

Why two is better than one

When I went from a mother of one to a mother of two, my life changed. Sure, the first one caused a major change up. But two, wow. I’ve been stretched in ways I never knew I could be – physically and emotionally!

That said, we are already starting to enjoy the good parts of having two kids –and it’s so worth it!

My boys are one and four years old, with birthdays only four days apart. And already I see that special bond emerging, the bond that only siblings share.

Nik (the one year old) says a lot of words. But his favorite word is his brother’s name. He runs to his brother in his little toddler waddle. He pulls his hair and grabs at his ears lovingly, as if his big brother were a giant squishy teddy bear.

Rohan (the four year old) loves it. He’s so patient, letting his messy little brother tug at him, chew on his toys and crawl all over him to get to something on the other side. If Rohan is in a bad mood, all we have to do is set his brother down near him, and he’s giggling like nothing was wrong the minute before.

If Nik yells “baaaiiii!!”, Rohan runs to bring him his binky, eagerly popping it into his little brother’s mouth for him.

They hold hands across the backseat of the car, Nik still facing backwards, as I’m driving.

I’m not trying to sell you on having two kids. I know there are plenty of reasons to stick to one (or none if motherhood just isn’t for you!)

But many people who have one child ponder at some point whether or not to have another.

If you’ve grown up with siblings, as I did, you already know all about it. If you were an only child, as my husband was, having two kids can be wondrous. An only child can’t really fathom what it’s like to have a sibling.

Even though right now I feel like I’m in the middle of a tornado, I know it’s temporary. It’s all worth it to know I’ve given my sons the best thing I ever could as a mother – each other.

Random Thoughts

The things that surprised me about motherhood

Becoming a mom is a life-defining move. You study up while you’re pregnant, hoping, praying, and trusting you’ll be a good parent and handle with grace all the things that come your way.

But even if you took notes on motherhood from the time you were 10 years old, there would still be a few things to catch you by surprise.

Here’s what got me. Tell me what surprised you in the comments below!

How much I liked being a mom

I didn’t always have a rosy image of motherhood. When I actually became a mother, I was shocked to find that I really liked being a mom, despite all the difficult things that go along with it. I loved being a mom so much that I didn’t want to do anything else, including working.

The things I gave up that I hadn’t planned to – and that I didn’t even mind

I figured I would play tennis while the baby rested in the stroller on the sidelines. Yeah, right. I haven’t played tennis since I first got pregnant over 4 years ago. My husband and I didn’t go on a date night until our first son was 2 years old. It’s safe to say our travel life has been all but extinguished for the next unknown number of years, too, until the kids get old enough to make it easy for us (and we make enough money to buy airline tickets for FOUR!)

I’m so caught in the moment of everyday life that I can’t even feel bad about something I might be missing.

The unfathomable amount of stuff you can buy – and hence want to buy – to help you take care of a baby

As far as gear went, I figured we’d need a crib, a high chair, a diaper pail, and somewhere to change the baby.

Then I learned about bouncy seats, car seats, Bumbos, play mats, baby carriers, play yards, exersaucers, cute cloth diapers, monitors, sleep sacks, wipes warmers, unimaginable amounts of toys, not to mention all the cute clothing options (and of course darling baby hats!)

Have you heard of the bathinette? A changing table and bathtub all in one – I got one this time around.

People view you differently once you have a kid

I am treated differently when I’m with my kids, whether it’s the old ladies walking their dogs, the A/C guy who comes to our house, or the checkout lady at the supermarket.

That having a baby would be the key to wonderful, new friendships

Kids are a great conversation starter.

I’ve met new friends thanks to having a kid, other smart, beautiful moms. I don’t know why, but I always thought that once you became a mom, you became boring and frumpy. I would have loved these other mom friends whether they had kids or not. But I wouldn’t have met them if I didn’t have a baby myself.

How much you can fall head over heels in love with a tiny being

It may be cliché, but it’s true. You just don’t know love until you have a baby. You would do anything for that teeny tiny person, and you do. Every breath, every thought belongs to them, and there’s no going back. You’re changed forever.

Now, your turn, what surprised you about becoming a mom?

Random Thoughts

Why my heart is singing on this glorious morning

When you have kids, the things you celebrate take on a different hue. Today I’m bursting with joy, and I couldn’t wait to share with you all the things that have me sitting here feeling great right now. Let me know in the comments below something you’re celebrating right now, too!

My baby went down for his first nap with minimal fuss – and no pacifier.

He’s six months old, and we had pushed the pacifier on him lately, more than usual, to help with lessening night feeds. But then the pacifier became a monster, with us up all night putting the dang thing back in.

Oh how he cried when it was time to sleep the last two days, even when we were holding him! But it looks like payoff is right around the corner.

A new dress came in the mail. And I think I’ll keep it.

I had credit with one of my favorite online retailers, and I ordered myself a dress with high hopes. It turned out to be beautiful – and stretchy – so I think it will work now and also when I’m back to my pre-preg weight. Hello summer!

Another pound less on the scale this morning.

Only 17 more to go, ha! But, hey, there hadn’t been much progress lately. Baby Number Two has produced much more stubborn mommy fat, it seems.

Two hours to myself at Starbucks.

The hubby is home today, and I’m out of the house with no kids in sight. That never happens. It’s the stuff of fables and fairytales, right? Major reason to celebrate!

Wearing my hair down.

No little drool-covered fingers to torture me by yanking it so hard it feels like what’s left of it is going to all come out.

A bright pink pair of peep toe heels.

Well, not so cute next to that forest growing on my legs. But oh well, from a distance… (at least it’s blonde).

Anticipation of seeing my babies again in just a couple hours…

I have plans to dress up my two little boys in their favorite Beanie Designs little boy’s hats later on and take some photos for you. Number Two just hasn’t benefited from the same camera action as his big brother, and it’s time to catch up!

What’s got YOU smiling today?