Cute Customers

Customer Love! part 1

One of our favorite perks of making hats for children is being able to make a hat that will become a treasured childhood memory in photographs. As you can probably tell from our Facebook page and website we can’t get enough of our customers’ unbelievably cute photos of their children wearing a beanie. I swear we have the cutest customers in the world! We love it when you share your wonderful photos with us!

To be honest, it is mostly the mom’s who will often write us to say how much they love our hats and send us photos of their children wearing them. So I was thrilled to hear from Matthew Stenzel this week. He is not only a proud dad to the gorgeous Leah but an amazing photographer! If you get a chance please visit his stunning photography site! Here is Leah looking cozy in her pink ear hat:

I heard from Deborah a few weeks back.  I just had to show you some of the photos she sent us of her granddaughter Lily Rose wearing her flower hat! So pretty!

Cute Customers, Promotions & Giveaways

“Spring is in the air!” customer contest

Blue brown earflap hat

We ran our first contest in honor of Spring and summer baby hat collection and most of all our awesome customers! We asked our Facebook fans to post a picture of their child wearing their beanie designs for a chance to win a hat. There is no way we could choose the winner so we decided that the photo with the most ‘likes’ will win.

Every morning we eagerly checked our Facebook page to see if anyone posted a new picture!

Thanks to Chrissy for starting off the contest with her post of the super cute Jaegar in his yellow, orange and brown beanie.

multi color beanie hat

When Lauren posted a picture of her adorable newborn Madden wearing her ear beanie hat, ooohs and aaahs were heard across our office!

Blue ear hat

We loved how Michelle’s cutie pies Brenton and Kayla Grace looked so comfy in their earflap beanies!

earflap flower hat
Earflap hat

When mom Laura posted her picture of Kaleb and newborn Reid wearing matching beanies we were over the moon! Love love the creativity and sweetness of that photo!

Blue brown earflap hat

When Megan posted her picture of sweet baby Gavin wearing his beanie hat, oh my goodness we went into cuteness overload!

And finally Tahanae did a great job on getting her friends and family involved in pushing the ‘like’ button! Maddie is simply gorgeous wearing her strawberry beanie!

Maddie Strawberry hat

Congratulations to Tahanae for getting the most ‘likes’ to win a free hat and 25% off her next purchase.

Of course we could not, not give the other contestants a little something for being such great customers and moms! They each received a coupon for 15% off their next Beanie Designs purchase.

Thank you everybody for participating!

Cute Customers, Promotions & Giveaways

Spring is in the air GIVEAWAY! rules

All of us gals at Beanie Designs are counting the days until Spring. We love it when customers send us their photos of their little one’s wearing Beanie Designs. Every single pic inevitably always gets lots of aaaaahhhhs! So we figured why not give our lovely customers something in return for putting smiles on our faces!

Here’s how it works:

1. Post a photo of your adorable little one wearing a Beanie Design on our facebook wall.

2. Get your friends and family, even other fans to ‘like’ your photo.

3. The photo with the most ‘likes’ will win their choice of any Spring/Summer hat plus 25% off next purchase.

Contest closes March 20th and the winner will be announced March 22nd. To make things easier only photos posted from March 1st and onwards will be considered.

Happy posting!

Cute Customers

The Cutest Customers on the Planet

Wow! There’s another wonderful photograph in my mail today and it’s from one of my customers who lives in the mountains. I know because you can see them in the pic. But what’s a mountain? It’s that cute baby’s face, framed by one of my new winter Beanie Design baby hats that lights up the frame! It’s just so great getting all your photographs. They make me so happy. It feels really good to know that my products are being appreciated and used…

If you are reading this, then you probably know that I’ve been producing these hats for some time now. It was my hobby and now I have the pleasure of actually seeing you and your family actually wearing my creations. That’s like real encouragement for me. This blog was created specially for you wonderful people so that we can keep in touch and I can post the pictures you send me. Remember, I’ll be looking for those memorable snaps of your kids, so do keep sending them in.

All the baby hats that I produce are originals. I use designs that are part traditional but with a lot of modern elements to them, so they are all one of a kind. That’s why this baby headgear really stands out from all the rest. The other difference is that my hats are all handmade. I think they are all the more attractive because of the handmade look and feel. I’m sure you agree that your kids have headgear that’s unique and different from other kids in the area.

Thanks for keeping in touch and letting me have a tiny peep into your lives. Keep sending in those little snapshots of those cute little faces in their warm Beanie Design hats. And keep taking a look here on this site for new pictures. That way you are going to be in touch with me, and my designs as well.